Updating Content Types

I was having a problem recently where I was unable to issue an update command on a content type without running into the following error:

“The security validation for this page is invalid. Click Back in your Web browser, refresh the page, and try your operation again.”

After much head scratching, web browsing and trial and error I discovered that when retrieving my content type collection I was inadvertently getting a read only collection.  This was not particularly clear from the documentation, but there in fact two methods available for retrieving a collection of content types and these are web.AvailableContentTypes and web.ContentTypes.  The key difference is that web.AvailableContentTypes is a read only collection and therefore fails when an update is issued.

I amended my code to use web.ContentTypes as follows and it worked as expected:

// get content type using writeable content type collection
contentType = web.ContentTypes[“CONTENT_TYPE_NAME”];

// get field to remove from content type
field = web.Fields[“FIELD_NAME”];
SPFieldLink fieldLink = new SPFieldLink(field);

// delete field from content type by field id
contentType.FieldLinks.Delete(fieldLink .Id);

// update

These links helped me to diagnose this issue: 

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