SharePoint Base Content Type Hierarchy

Every now and again I need to remind myself of the SharePoint Content Type hierarchy and I have to go and search for it so I figured I should probably add it here for reference.

This is very useful information and critical to understand when working with Content Types in SharePoint. 

Having a good understanding how the Content Type GUIDs are constructed is also extremely useful because from the GUID you can quickly work out the line of descent.

The list below comes from:

This is also worth reading for further information regarding Content Type IDs:

Name ID
System 0x
Item 0x01
Document 0x0101
Event 0x0102
Issue 0x0103
Announcement 0x0104
Link 0x0105
Contact 0x0106
Message 0x0107
Task 0x0108
Workflow History 0x0109
Post 0x0110
Comment 0x0111
East Asia Contact 0x0116
Folder 0x0120
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