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Accessing the Global Assembly Cache using Windows Explorer

Accessing the Global Assembly Cache using Windows Explorer This is something I have to look up every time I need to do it as I always managed to forget, so I thought it may be something that is useful to … Continue reading

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SharePoint object model updates not triggering workflow

A situation I have observed a number of times while working with the SharePoint object model is that workflows don’t appear to be triggered on update calls. In the past I have worked around this issue by simply adding some … Continue reading

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HttpWebRequest and SSL

I had a problem recently with a custom SharePoint page attempting to perform a HTTPWebRequest on an SSL enabled site.  When taking a look at the event log it became clear that this was due to SSL certificate errors. An … Continue reading

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Easily Configure SSL Using Self Signed Certificates on IIS 7.0

Have you ever needed to run an SSL server in a development environment?  Or test validation against an SSL URL?  I know I have and fortunately it is extremely easy when using IIS 7.0 due to Self-Signed Certificates. Configuring a development … Continue reading

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MOSSPH – C# Protocol Handler (with bug fixes)

I have recently had a need to index some custom content sources within MOSS and have been using the MOSSPH protocol handler which can be found on CodePlex ( to help me achieve this. The downloadable solution has everything you … Continue reading

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