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Accessing the Global Assembly Cache using Windows Explorer

Accessing the Global Assembly Cache using Windows Explorer This is something I have to look up every time I need to do it as I always managed to forget, so I thought it may be something that is useful to … Continue reading

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Access denied – Microsoft loopback security check

I recently experienced an issue with a server which had me scratching my head for a couple of hours.  Fortunately my colleague had previously experienced this issue and promptly directed me to a Microsoft KB which allowed me to resolve … Continue reading

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The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service

I had an issue on a SharePoint 2007 server recently that wasn’t immediately obvious to me (it may well have been obvious to you however). Whenever searching using the Microsoft Search product the following error would be returned immediately: The … Continue reading

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SQL Management Studio – Supply specific windows credentials

I had an issue recently where I needed to connect to a SQL Server 2008 database using SQL Server Management Studio with a specific set of credentials via windows authentication. You will no doubt have noticed that by default when a user … Continue reading

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